Black Men’s PAC will support candidates that are committed to supporting common sense solutions to complex public policy issues pertaining to black and brown men of color: promoting as well as improving public education, expanding economic opportunities to inner city community members, promote community involvement, community re-entry, parenting, vigorously promoting equality for men of color, and building up the importance of family in our communities.

Black Men’s PAC will support candidates through its political advocacy, Black Men’s PAC candidates should recognize that government is effective when it is fair and all inclusive. We will support candidates’ campaigns with organizational and political strategies that enable them to impact the political arena with issue advocacy, community support programs and interaction with community members.

We Will:

  • Educate the community, elected officials and candidates on issue faced by black and brown men of color
  • Financially support candidates that will address the issues of black and brown men of color
  • Oppose any elected official or candidate whose results does not match their talk.

Hold them accountable for their actions and policies.